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Isla Rita
Fancy a little moment of adventure? Visit Palawan's newest secret destination.. Isla Rita. Snorkeling for small groups of tourist is
      This is the Philippines’ local version of Secret Santa. Group of friends pick their secret monito or monita days or weeks before the final gift giving. At an appointed date, each give
    PutoBumbong is a Christmas delicacy all over the Philippines. It is made from ground purple yam steamed in bamboo tubes until shiny and well-done. When cooked, it is served on banana leaves
    Manila Flower Center or Dangwa is a cut-flower one-stop shop at the very heart of Manila. It is situated at the center of bus stations en route the northern part
      Christmas decors, home accessories, furniture and apparel on sale all-year round is found at the Dapitan Shopping Complex situated at Kanlaon corner Dapitan streets Quezon City. Unique vintage, country and
  Lansium domesticum is commonly known in the Philippines as Lanzones. Its trees belong to the Mahogany family bearing translucent meaty fruits similar to lychee. When in season, trees bear bunches
December 15
December 8 IMMACULATE CONCEPTION (Monday)   December 13 (Saturday) GIANT LANTERN FESTIVAL 2014 (San READ MORE>>
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