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National Heroes Day
Today, the nation honors its heroes that brought the Philippines to where it is at present. Filipinos are reminded that
This month of the Kadayawan will surely bring thousands of tourists to the beautiful city of Davao. And when in Davao, a must-taste delicacy called Suman Moron should never be
When in Bicol, never leave any of their towns without a taste of Pinangat. It is a delicious vegetable dish made with taro leaves, meat or minced shrimp, coconut milk
Dapitan City, Zamboanga del Norte celebrates Kinabayo festival in honor of its patron St. James. Spanish colonial battles are re enacted, pageantry and street carnivals are held and the historical
This festival commemorates the treaty of peace by the Spaniards and Filipinos as their leaders sealed their friendship with a blood compact hence the name Sandugo, meaning one blood. This
Tinalak Festival is held in South Cotabato to celebrate the colorful fabric woven by the Tboli women of the region. This world-class fabric is a masterpiece of colors and patterns
August 01
August 3 Ibalong Festival Legazpi CityAugust 7 CineMalaya 2016 Independent Film FestivalAugust READ MORE>>
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