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False advisory on Japanese Visa Entry for Nationals of the Philippines, Indonesia and Viet Name.
Recently, false news have been circulating regarding the Japanese Visa for nationals of the Philippines, Indonesia and Viet Nam.  The
  Chicharon (cracklings) do not only come from pork. A variation of this crispy snack is already available. The province of Cagayan, in Tuguegarao, sells very delicious Caraban Chicharon (cracklings). Carabao
  Anak Pawis is an idiomatic expression which refers to laborers. Pawis has a direct translation of sweat and anak means child. Street protesters who rally for wage increase and laborers’
    Turo-Turo is a small restaurant in the Philippines. Turo is literally translated as point. This small restaurant has a daily line up of cooked food on their counters. Patrons literally
  Pugad Baboy is literally translated as pig’s nest. Pugad Baboy is a comic strip created by Pol Medina,Jr. Characters in his comic strips are plump people; satirically looking like pigs.
  Juan Tamad is a popular character in the Filipino folklore. Juan is a very lazy character; tamad meaning lazy. He is known for his stories of teaching crabs how to
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