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Isla Rita
Fancy a little moment of adventure? Visit Palawan's newest secret destination.. Isla Rita. Snorkeling for small groups of tourist is
Laing is a very delicious vegetable course in the Bicol region. Its basic ingredients are ‘gabi’ leaves (a form of taro root crop) and coconut milk. Some versions are cooked
    The Feast of the Our Lady of Peñafrancia is celebrated in grandiose every September in Bicol. A wooden statue of the Virgin Mary, patterned after the one in Salamanca, Spain,
    Gising-gising is a native delicacy in the Visayan region made of finely minced kangkong (water spinach) slowly simmered in coconut milk. Some regional variations are made with other local green
  Cry of Pugadlawin or Cry of Balintawak is a revolt of the secret society of Filipinos (Katipunan) against the Spaniards. Led by Andres Bonifacio, Filipinos gathered in Kalookan (present-day Caloocan
 Jose Rizal...novelist...physician...freedom fighter...national hero...Filipino. Pepe, as he was fondly called by his friends and family, remains an icon of honor and heroism. Never outdated by the many changes in our
September 17
SEPTEMBER 2014   September 8 (Monday) MOTHER MARY'S BIRTHDAY   September 14 (Sunday) HAPPY GRANDPARENT'S DAY! An READ MORE>>
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