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Isla Rita
Fancy a little moment of adventure? Visit Palawan's newest secret destination.. Isla Rita. Snorkeling for small groups of tourist is
Hanging Habagat is Southwest Monsoon; this storm-like disturbance usually occurs in the rainy months of May to August. When travelling around the archipelago and locals caution tourists with the word
Enjoy these small buttery wafers from the Visayan Region. The Visayan Silvanas are very thin meringue-wafers made from eggwhites and coated with a generous amount of cream made of butter,
  Filipino Catholics have a special fondness for the Child Jesus; locally called Santo Niño. A nationwide festival is held in its honor the whole month of January. Street dancing in the Visayas
      This is the Philippines’ local version of Secret Santa. Group of friends pick their secret monito or monita days or weeks before the final gift giving. At an appointed date, each give
    PutoBumbong is a Christmas delicacy all over the Philippines. It is made from ground purple yam steamed in bamboo tubes until shiny and well-done. When cooked, it is served on banana leaves
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